The Village of Table Grove lies near the western boundary of Fulton County and on U.S. Highway #136 seventeen miles east of Macomb, Illinois which is the home of Western Illinois University. Table Grove has a rich colorful history. It was first platted by a man named John Barker in May of 1837 as Laurel Hill. In July of 1881, it became the Village of Table Grove. Table Grove lies in the eastern portion of the prime farm land of West Central Illinois and served the surrounding farm population for many years as a trading center. As family farms consolidated and agriculture underwent changes toward larger farms with increased mechanization, the importance of Table Grove as a trade and service center for farm families declined as it has for most small towns and villages in the heart of rural America.

The 2000 census population of Table Grove was 396; a great turn downward from those days of yesteryear when it was over twice that figure. Table Grove is incorporated as an Illinois village and is governed by a Village Board of Trustees and Village President. The Village population consists of a large number of retired persons and a large number of working people who commute to Macomb, Peoria or Beardstown to work at various jobs.

The Village owns and maintains a spacious and beautiful Village Park lying at the west edge of the Village. The Table Grove Community Church, on the National Register of Historic Places, serves as a center of focus for the community's religious and social activities. The church is pictured to the right. The predominant shopping center for the village is nearby Macomb along with reasonable driving access to Peoria, Galesburg and Springfield. The surviving businesses still operating in Table Grove are few; the bank, an insurance agency, a beauty shop, the Post Office and a convenience store are about all that remains of the community's businesses that are visible to visitors passing through the village.

The building and operation of Camp Ellis during World War II produced an exciting chapter in the history of Table Grove. Camp Ellis changed the community drastically and very quickly as the area made its contribution to our Nation's war efforts in the 1940's. From a link on the site's index page,some of the information and history related to Camp Ellis may be found. Click on Camp Ellis to go to the Camp Ellis page.

The Table Grove Village Board, with backing and help from the Table Grove Development Group, has undertaken a TIF Development Project. The hope of reversing the small town design pattern rests largely with the outcome of that project.

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